No one likes to think about a world without them in it.  Who pays your mortgage if you aren’t there? Will your spouse and children have to move?  Where will their income come from if you aren’t there?  Those are simple questions that cross our mind when we think about Life Insurance and we all have a little reality avoidance when we think about the subject.  It is real to have the it won’t happen to me thought or that I don’t have to worry about it today.

Life Insurance can do a lot more than provide for your family in your absence. It can provide future retirement income; it can pay taxes in the future; even be an inheritance for your family or be part of a long term care package. Making sure that you have it fits with your overall protection strategy and provides for you and your family for today and tomorrow is an important aspect. 

You may have Life Insurance through your employment or business and if you do that is fantastic but speaking to a professional protection advisor will help you asses that coverage and ensure it meets your actual future needs.

Contact TLC Insurance and we will help you develop a protection plan that provides for your family’s future.